Sugar Coated

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Graphic image and animation for director Michèle Hozer’s documentary film Sugar Coated.

After almost 2 years of development and production, we’re thrilled to finally be able to post this project! Sugar Coated is a feature-length documentary by noted director and editor Michèle Hozer. The film chronicles the efforts of the sugar industry in the 1970s to suppress the science surrounding sugar’s dangerous metabolic effects on the human body.

We provided branding and animated design for the film, including over 25 minutes of the 90 minute run time. The film premiered at the 2015 Hot Docs festival in Toronto, with 6 sold out screenings. It is currently touring the international festival circuit with international broadcast premieres scheduled for the fall.


DIRECTION: Nick Sewell, Hector Herrera
DESIGN: Nick Sewell, Hector Herrera
PRODUCTION: Pazit Cahlon
FILM DIRECTOR: Michèle Hozer