RSA Insights | Does It Take Money To Make Money?

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A short we animated for the RSA asks an important question about entrepreneurship: does it take money to make money?

Do all entrepreneurs have the same chances for success? Is it true that anyone can pull herself “up by her bootstraps”, or is a rags-to-riches mythology obscuring some important data? This new short from the RSA takes a look at how various challenges affect entrepreneurs from different economic backgrounds and what can be done to help everyone thrive as they pursue meaningful self-employment.

We’ll let the RSA’s own site describe the work they’ve been doing:

The RSA Self Employment Charter builds on two years’ research and input from our Fellows. It sets out a positive vision for meaningful self-employment and lists key recommendations for how to get there. Our animated short film “Does it take money to make money”, is based on content from their reports and explores the challenges faced by the less affluent when trying to start a business.

The Charter and video are part of the RSA’s ongoing work to help make a positive change to the lives of the self-employed. Other work has included an RSA hosted roundtable that brought together experts, Fellows and a key official from the Government’s current review into Self Employment.

To view the Charter and the RSA’s recent reports click here.


PICTURES: Hector Herrera
DIRECTION: Hector Herrera, Pazit Cahlon
ANIMATION: Hector Herrera
PRODUCTION: Pazit Cahlon