Luna Around The World | Alaska!

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An interstitial music video for the animated show ‘Let’s Go Luna’.

Let’s Go Luna, created by Peter Hannam and Joe Murray, is a fun animated show for kids airing on PBS. The characters are part of a performance troupe and travel the world with their parents, as well as learning from Luna, the moon.

Each episode airs as two 11-minutes episodes with an animated interstitial, usually a song or story that relates to the country they are visiting. We had a great time animating this catchy tune about Alaska, as sung by the frog character, Andy. 


DIRECTION: Hector Herrera, Pazit Cahlon
DESIGN: Hector Herrera
PRODUCTION: Pazit Cahlon
SONGWRITER: Peter Hannam
SONG PERFORMED BY: Jaiden Canatelli
PRODUCTION COMPANY: Brown Bag Films/9 Story Media Group