TVO Kids | Blynk And Aazoo

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Blynk & Aazoo is a 7.5 minute animated/live action show airing on TVOKids.

Little Scooter Media contacted us to develop and produce the animated portion of their new science show for kids, “Blynk & Aazoo”.  Each seven-and-a-half-minute episode features two little aliens as they fly around the universe, answering science questions from Earth kids, and inspiring kids to Imagine, investigate, and invent! 

We had a lot of fun designing and animating the look of the settings, characters, backgrounds and science segments for all 24 episodes of the series. All of it with a limited crew of 2 animators, 1 editor, 1 storyboard artist and 1 producer!

If you’re in Canada you can check out full episodes over at the Blynk & Aazoo TVOKids YouTube channel.


Animation Director: Hector Herrera
Animation:  Hector Herrera, Andrew Foerster
Editor: Nick Sewell, Matthew Leslie Burke
Production for Together: Words + Pictures: Pazit Cahlon
Character and Background Design: Hector Herrera
Storyboards and Additional Design: Mathias Horhager, Brian Ejar
Additional Animation: Michael Pitropov
Show Production Company: Little Scooter Media
Episode Direction: Liz Haines, WK Davis
Production for Little Scooter Media: Jeannette Loakman