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Beastly Bards: Typesetter Blues

By June 23, 2019 April 25th, 2020 No Comments

Typesetter Blues is a 3-minute animated short starring a likeable monster named Harold. In this melancholy love story, Harold falls for a new coworker, who unfortunately falls harder for someone else.

Voiced by Canadian legend Gordon Pinsent (Away From Her, Pillars Of The Earth) Typesetter Blues is written in the nonsense poetry tradition of Edward Lear and Shel Silverstein.

Produced in partnership with our awesome friends at Varipix, Typesetter Blues is the first “chapter” in the silly rhyme collection “Beastly Bards”. It’s a finalist in the Adobe Design Achievement Awards (Animation) and also screened at TAAFI (Toronto Animation Arts Festival International).


WORDS: Pazit Cahlon
PICTURES: Hector Herrera
VOICE: Gordon Pinsent
MUSIC: Jayme Stone
PRODUCER: Pazit Cahlon
ANIMATION: Hector Herrera
3D ANIMATION: Shadi Didi
PRODUCTION PARTNER: Blaine Philippi/Varipix
MUSIC: Jayme Stone (Banjo), Dexter Payne (Clarinet, percussion), Grant Gordy (Guitar)
VOICE RECORD: Adam Harendorf and Greg Arnold at Voodoo Highway Music & Post
SOUND MIX: Brian Pickett and Greg Arnold at Voodoo Highway Music & Post
VOICE DIRECTOR: Dee Shipley at Dee and Company