Read Record Replay

Animated explainer video for literacy organization “Read Record Replay”.

This video was produced for a literacy organization/movement called Read Record Replay. By hosting book drives, organizing “recordathons”, and distributing the books-and-audio to communities who need them, Read Record Replay helps children under the poverty line experience being read to as they follow along with the book: an important developmental step in literacy.

Or,  in RRR’s own words:

In three simple steps, we create and distribute crowdsourced audiobooks to educational organizations serving students in reading levels K-3, when children gain — or fail to gain — crucial basic reading skills.

We kept the design simple, sweet, and character-based, while playing with RRR’s website palette.

Find out more about this unique literacy organization and how you can join them, here.


PICTURES: Andrew Foerster

DIRECTION: Andrew Foerster

ANIMATION: Andrew Foerster

PRODUCTION: Pazit Cahlon

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