Torill Kove and her Moulton

Cartoon Brew has shared their list of short animated films they think are pretty good contenders to be shortlisted for Academy Awards for 2015. It’s a great list that includes trailers for all the films. One of those films is Me and My Moulton by Academy Award-winner Torill Kove. She won the award for her film The Danish Poet, a lovely meditation on chance and interconnectedness. Kove also created the heartwarming film, My Grandmother Ironed the King’s Shirts, a wry look at how family histories are passed on and intertwined within larger historical contexts.

Me and My Moulton screened at the Ottawa International Animation Festival and at TIFF2014 . It is, like her other films, sweet, poignant and beautifully drawn and animated. Me and My Moulton is an autobiographical tale of 3 little sisters who have a unique POV on what it means to be just a little different in a homegenic society.

Around the recent screenings, Kove did some interviews and also wrote about her interesting transition into animation and the trickier aspects of writing personal stories in a HuffPo post.

In an interview on Indiewire, Kove noted:

My parents told me they knew they made lots of mistakes raising us, but that they did their best. Most parents will say something like that at some point, and they are usually right. But I think children also do their best while being raised. Finding family “happiness” is a fine balancing act.

That sentiment is perfectly captured in the film and with the universality of parent-child family dynamics, it’s pretty much a crowd-pleaser.

This interview at the Canadian Animation Blog goes into a bit more detail about modernist design in Kove’s childhood and in the film.

For now, Me and My Moulton is continuing on the festival circuit, but we suspect it will eventually be available (either free, or for purchase) on the NFB page.

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