Big Block Singsong

The talented team of Goddard/Brown gave us some great advice when we started Together and we are big fans of their series Big Block Singsong. The combo of Goddard’s lyrics and Brown’s animation makes for delightful, hilarious, and awfully addictive interstitials. Having charmed audiences at film festivals around the world, the Big Block Singsong videos are now airing on CBC Kids. (You can find out local airtimes here.)




Here we are… Together.


Welcome to the Together Blog. We’re really excited about this project and this is the space where we’ll be able to share things we find inspiring from across the arts and culture communities. We are inspired by so many things: photos, books, and films, as well as museum exhibits, science articles, and of course, other writers, designers, directors, and animators. We want to share what inspires us in the hopes that it will inspire you too.  And, once in a while, we’ll post what we’re up to on our own projects.

For our first inspiration post, we want to share animator/illustrator Scott Benson’s delightful ode to new beginnings:  Everything Starts Small.

So, thanks for joining us on our maiden voyage… We hope we can travel together.


Pazit & Hector