Tin Canyon

Created, designed, and animated by Andrew Foerster (Rewfoe), Tin Canyon follows three well-meaning bluegrass musicians who must overcome their debilitating stage fright to unleash their talent on the world. Initially created by Rewfoe as a stage show of visuals, music, and storytelling, Tin Canyon has since been adapted by Together’s Pazit Cahlon into a rhyming ballad, and has been produced by Together and Rewfoe as an animated short. Tin Canyon features the bluegrass-inspired sounds of Juno Award-winning banjoist and composer, Jayme Stone.

Tin Canyon premiered January 2014 as part of Come Up To My Room 11 at The Gladstone Hotel.

To see more of Tin Canyon, check the images below and head over to Rewfoe’s site and tumblr.


WORDS: Pazit Cahlon

PICTURES: Andrew Foerster

VOICE: Forrest Rainier

MUSIC: Jayme Stone

PRODUCER: Pazit Cahlon

PRODUCER: Hector Herrera

ANIMATION: Andrew Foerster

SOUND DESIGN & MIX: Adam Harendorf

MUSIC: Jayme Stone (Banjo, toy piano), Enion Tiller (Fiddle), Eric Thorin (Bass)

VOICE RECORD: Forrest Rainier

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