TED-Ed | Irrational Decisions

An animated lesson from TED-Ed on the psychology behind irrational decisions.

People often make decisions that go against their best interests, or, despite good intentions, lead to disappointing results. Sara Garofalo explains how heuristics, the problem-solving approaches based on previous experience and intuition rather than analysis, affect our decision making.

If you want to know more about the TED-Ed project check out their site here. There are lots of fantastic lessons on their YouTube channel, too.


DIRECTION: Hector Herrera, Pazit Cahlon

DESIGN: Hector Herrera

PRODUCTION: Pazit Cahlon

EDUCATOR: Sara Garofalo

PRODUCERS TED-ED: Gerta Xhelo, Jessica Ruby


ANIMATION: Hector Herrera

SOUND DESIGN: Adam Harendorf



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