New Year, New Film, New Digs, New Gigs

Aaaaand… we’re back! During the wintry silence since our last post, we managed to move into a new studio space and complete production on a new animated short!


Tin Canyon, the band, are seen playing in silhouette as part of the installation piece.

Tin Canyon, the band, are seen playing in silhouette as part of the installation piece.

Tin Canyon is the story of a trio of musicians who play fantastic bluegrass music, but are stymied by their inability to play in front of an audience. The short, directed, designed, and animated by Andrew Foerster, premieres this Thursday, January 23rd as part of an installation piece at Come Up To My Room 11, the Gladstone Hotel’s Annual Alternative Design Show:

This year, the show intentionally brings into collision a range of creative practices and techniques. Projects range from miniature to macro, craft-based to digital, fantasy to epistemological, public to private and historical to contemporary.

Together co-produced the film, and adapted the Tin Canyon script, condensing the original story (initially a 1.5 hour live storytelling event) into twelve minutes of rhyming verse. CUTMR 11 runs from January 23-26 and is crammed with amazing artist from Toronto and around the world. Take some time this weekend to visit us there and check out the film, as well as Andrew Foerster’s fantastic 15-foot installation of the town. Immerse yourself in Tin Canyon‘s setting and enjoy the music.Parts of the town of Dungaree (installation pieces)

Parts of the town of Dungaree (installation pieces)




We are thrilled to be working out of a new studio space on Pardee Street in the King West Centre, where we work with the inimitable creative director/audio maestro Nick Sewell, and the amazing team at Varipix . We’ve got desks, shelves, potted palms, and even a nifty stereo system complete with turntable for the tunes. If you come by, bring snacks! We don’t have those yet.


We are excited to be working once again with the dedicated conservationists at the WWF Canada, and we’re also chugging along on a new TED-Ed lesson. We’ll be sure to pound you over the head with announcements when those are complete and ready to view!

January’s almost over, but we have no problem popping open more bubbly to wish you an inspired and creatively fulfilled 2014!

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