Welcome to the Together Mixtapes ‘Cruel Summer’ edition



We’re huge music fans here at Together and we often find a lot of inspiration in the artist, the labels and, of course, the design that accompanies the art form.

So we’re launching a (hopefully) bi-weekly Rdio playlist of music that’s inspiring us at the moment.¬†Each playlist will have a theme and will be curated accordingly. You’ll find old, new, famous and some obscure tracks in there, that hopefully will make the mix flow and inspire you as well.

We’ve been having a fairly cool summer this year plagued by heavy rains and cloudy days. Some days the weather teases us with sunshine only to take it away the minute we step outside. This playlist is helping us through it.

Together Mixtapes ‘Cruel Summer’ edition.

*Don’t forget to support the artist you like by buying their music and going to their gigs if they play in your hometown.

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