TED-Ed | Where Do Genes Come From?

Animated lesson about how new genes emerge. Written by the amazing Carl Zimmer!

DFA 1979 | Trainwreck 1979

Music video for DFA 1979’s highly anticipated new¬†album ‘The Physical World’.

TED-Ed | What Makes Tattoos Permanent?

Animated lesson on the permanence of tattoos.

TED-Ed | The Science Of Attraction

Animated lesson on the science of (reproductive) attraction.

TED-Ed | Why Is Ketchup So Hard To Pour?

Animated lesson on non-newtonian fluids.

WWF | River Flow

Short video about the interconnectedness of salmon and river flow.

TED- Ed | 10% Of Your Brain

Animated lesson on the way the brain uses energy.

TED-Ed: Music in Ancient Greece

Animated lesson on the importance of Music in Ancient Greece for TED-Ed.

WWF | Freshwater

Short video explaining the function of the WWF’s Freshwater Health Assessment initiative.

Shape My City | Beta Tester Video

A video introducing Shape My City: a new platform that helps Torontonians improve their city by connecting residents, urban planners and activists.

TED-Ed: First Impressions

Animated lesson on the psychology of First Impressions for TED-Ed.

YMCA | Challenges

Call to action PSA for Toronto’s YMCA.