TED-Ed | What Is Narcissism

An animated lesson from TED-Ed on the psychology behind the elevated and sometimes detrimental self-involvement of narcissists.

Ford Foundation | #InequalityIs | Jose Vargas

Animation for the Ford Foundation’s video interview series #InequalityIs.

RSA Insights | Does It Take Money To Make Money?

A short we animated for the RSA asks an important question about entrepreneurship: does it take money to make money?

Read Record Replay

Animated explainer video for literacy organization “Read Record Replay”.

Civic Action | Better City Bootcamp

Animated video opening for Civic Action’s ‘Better City Bootcamp’.

TED-Ed | Football Physics

Animated lesson on the physics behind one of the most magnificent goals in the history of football.

TED-Ed | Can Robots Be Creative?

Animated lesson on cybernetic creativity.

Sugar Coated

Graphic image and animation for director Michèle Hozer’s documentary film Sugar Coated.

TED-Ed | How To Eradicate A Disease

TED-Ed explore how scientists have managed to eradicate diseases.

TED-Ed | Your Spontaneous Brain

Animated lesson about spontaneous brain functions.

RSA Shorts | What Do We Need to Know?

Short film based on John Lloyd’s RSA talk ‘General Ignorance’.

RSA Shorts | The Power To Create

Short film based on Matthew Taylor’s RSA lecture.