Beastly Bards


Beastly Bards is a collection of animated shorts featuring loveable monsters. Each short is a distinct piece, written in rhyming verse and inspired by the poetic styles of Edward Lear, Shel Silverstein and Robert Service. The animation features clean lines with a textural mixed-media approach and incorporates a classic mid-century modern esthetic. The shorts are narrated by some of the best voices of the Canadian stage and screen: Gordon Pinsent, Jayne Eastwood, and Kenneth Welsh.

 Typesetter Blues

TYPESETTER BLUES is the first “chapter” of Beastly Bards and debuted at TAAFI 2012. Set in a printshop, it is familiar story of heartbreak on the job, with a humorous spin.

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Half A Pantaloon

HALF-A-PANTALOON is the second “chapter” of Beastly Bards. In the style of a public service announcement, it warns the viewer of the perils of wearing shorts in professional situations. Even charming monsters can’t get away with sartorial blunders.

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The Ballad Of Immortal Joe

THE BALLAD OF IMMORTAL JOE is the third “chapter” of Beastly Bards, written with a nod to traditional cowboy songs and to the northern ballads of Robert W. Service. “Immortal Joe” puts a haunted twist on a tragically romantic Western.

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