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    We are a Toronto-based animated content production team that caters to the arts and cultural communities. We create content for a variety of formats including documentaries, films, stage visuals, and book trailers, among others. We also curate a nifty inspiration blog.  

  • TED-Ed | Why Is Ketchup So Hard To Pour?

    Animated lesson on non-newtonian fluids.

  • WWF | River Flow

    Short video about the interconnectedness of salmon and river flow.

  • TED- Ed | 10% Of Your Brain

    Animated lesson on the way the brain uses energy.

  • TED-Ed: Music in Ancient Greece

    Animated lesson on the importance of Music in Ancient Greece for TED-Ed.

  • Tin_Canyon_Featured_Image

    Tin Canyon

    Tin Canyon is a bluegrass adventure about overcoming stage fright.

  • WWF | Freshwater

    Short video explaining the function of the WWF’s Freshwater Health Assessment initiative.